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MAK AYIE Kari Paste

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Instant Cooking Paste
Suitable for all ages
Up to 5-6 people can be served at a time!

1.Put the paste into a heated wok/pan.
2.Add 100ml-250ml of water.
3.Add 1 kg of chicken/meat/beef/mutton.
4.Then, add 100ml of coconut milk.
5.Lastly, stir well and leave until it boils.

Mak Ayie instant cooking paste specially manufactured to grasp beloved customer’s favourite malay dishes mostly. With 1 kg of chicken/meat/seafood can be added in the meal, it can serve up to 5-6 people for a single cooking meal in just 10-15 minutes!

Save your precious time, money and all the tedious work in the kitchen!

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